Traditional Confectionery

Of Austro-Hungarian origin, pastry chefs in Lombardy and the Veneto have put their own twist on the original Kranz recipe. This naturally slow-leavened delicacy combines layers of classic Panarello dough and puff pastry, enriched with top quality sultanas and select Italian candied fruit. Its characteristic braided shape is created by hand, and topped with coarse sugar.

Aromatic, delicate, and full of flavour, this fluffy Panarello Kranz is a real treat. Also available in individual portions from Panarello bakeries

Kranz: sweet leavened dough (wheat flour, natural sourdough (wheat flour, water), sugar, butter, egg, honey, brewer’s yeast, flavouring), puff pastry (butter, wheat flour, salt), pearl sugar, candied orange peel (orange peel, sugar, corn syrup), candied citron (citron peel, sugar, corn syrup, antioxidant: sulphur dioxide), sultanas, glucose syrup, granulated sugar.
May contain: soybeans, peanuts, nuts.

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