Panarello since 1885

High quality artisanal pastries

Panarello, born in Genoa in 1885, produces ever since and sells everyday in Genoa, Milan, Chiavari and Rapallo, high quality artisanal pastries both fresh and packed. The taste is the uniting of premium raw materials and high respect for a slow and careful production process. All products – from the fresh pastries, with the small artisanal sweets, biscuits, cakes, even custom-made ones, to packed products even with a dedicated gluten free range – have a passion for tradition that goes back more than a hundred thirty-five years.

Our Pastry Classics

The artisanal Panarello pastries

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Our Packed Products

From simple, high quality ingredients

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Our Custom made Cakes

For your special moments

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Panarello shops

Genoa, Milan, Chiavari and Rapallo

Where you can find all the taste and freshness of Panarello’s artisanal pastries.

Today like yesterday… our specialties are hand made in an artisanal way, using high quality ingredients, baked daily in our laboratories in Genoa, Milan and Chiavari. The sweetness, the scents, the memories, the genuineness… the same products of the past, a long story that lasts continuously from four generations, starting back in 1885.

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